Chapter ten

Online quizzes

Chapter two: Modelling and Behaviour quizzes

These quizzes link to chapter two, on the theme of linear models. For example:
A d3x/dt3 + B d2x/dt2 + C dx/dt + D x = K u
where x(t) is the state, u(t) the input and A, B, C, D, K are model parameters.

These quizzes focus on the following principles:

  • How do I model core engineering components?

  • Are there analogies between different components?

  • Are there analogies between similar arrangements of different components?

  • How do I build simple dynamic models for different arrangements of components?

  • How do dynamic models/systems behave and how does this behaviour link to the choice of components?

Largely, these quizzes are limited to first and second order modelling and dynamics, but the principles are easily extended.