Section 6.13 State space systems files

This subsection describes the state space systems files which are being planned as part of the control101 toolbox. These are still in preparation and will be added when checked.  Current drafts are available here.

A summary of the files is given next, in the order in which they might be used as part of state space delivery in a taught module. These files are all constructed in the form of livescript files, that this is they combine detailed explanation in a relatively neat format alongside code snippets demonstrating the use of MATLAB tools. The hope is that these provide templates of the typical analysis and design methods that most students would need to use.  Please do let us know if you spot any critical gaps, and by all means help us author files to fill these gaps.

The latter files use Simulink as it becomes quite fiddly and messy to capture more realistic scenarios with feedback, observers, integral action, constraints and more with simple algebra/code. MATLAB 2023b was used to create these files so they may not be compatible with earlier versions of MATLAB.