Chapter nine

Tutorial sheets

This page offers a quick overview of all the tutorial sheets available. The tutorials are grouped into chapters as shown in the left hand index.

Content will cover a broad range of topics, mostly aimed at years one and two of engineering undergraduate. In addition to these tutorials, there are a few web-based quick fire questions you can try.

Tutorials on mathematical skills

Roots of polynomials, Laplace Transforms, Inverse Laplace, Complex numbers, Logarithms and exponentials, Binomial expansions for A level, Logarithms for A level, Trigonometry for A level, Simultaneous equations, matrices and determinants.

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Tutorials on linear models and behaviours

Modelling principles and analogies, modelling of 1st and 2nd order systems, responses of 1st and 2nd order systems, classifying behaviours.

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Tutorials on concepts of feedback and control

Block diagrams, impact of uncertainty, importance and impact of feedback, closed-loop offsets, simple design approaches.

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Tutorials on classical control analysis and design tools

Root-loci, Bode diagrams, Nyquist diagrams, gain/phase margins, lead and lag compensation.

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Tutorials on discrete systems

Time series, sampling, z-transforms, ZOH, control design, Tustin transforms.

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