Chapter three

Introduction to feedback

Section four: Introduction to PID

This chapter is on the theme of linear feedback control, for example with G(s) representing a system, M(s) a compensator and d an input disturbance signal:

This section focuses on an introduction to the concepts of PID compensators. What is a PID? Why is is popular? Simple tuning rules and numerical examples.

1. What are control requirements and tools?

Defines the basic numerical measures for feedback loop performance the popular PID compensator structure.

Performance requirements video and notes (PDF, 615 KB).

Introduction to feedback loop analysis video.

Structure of a PID compensator notes (PDF, 633 KB).

2. PID tuning

Defines some simplistic PI tuning rules for an introductory control course.

Choice of proportional gain video and notes (PDF, 576 KB).

Impact of integral on behaviour video and notes (PDF, 666 KB).

Choice of integral gain, overall PI design video and notes (PDF, 833 KB).

Zeigler Nichols and other tuning rules in brief notes (PDF, 298 KB).