6.11 Community control toolbox

The community toolbox project is led by Anthony Rossiter with sponsorship from MathWorks  (under project "A MATLAB community toolbox to support learning of control 101") and input from numerous international colleagues. 

The resources/toolbox developed here are now available from within MATLAB using the "add-ons" button - search for control 101. The resources are shared under a BSD license so users can edit, adopt and use freely. 

More information and guidance is available in a youtube playlist. The playlist follows a logical ordering but may not cover all the available resources in the toolbox.

Once the toolbox is installed, you can use the following command line prompt to get convenient access to soft links for all the files, including the livescripts.

>>doc Control101 Toolbox   (This command should work even if you have not installed the toolbox, although the soft links would not)

There is a bug in 2024a: Try doc ("Control101 Toolbox")  or doc control101_toolbox. 

Alternatively:     >> help control101     will also work, but only if the toolbox is installed

All the source files are also available on the following google folder if you want to download individually for personal editing and modification (but seeing warning at the end of this page). A summary is given below for completeness and the links take you lower on the page where more detailed summary information is available.

Several people have developed MATLAB based materials to support the teaching of “Control Systems 101” type courses; the particular focus here is on interactive and animated resources which are largely self-explanatory, that is easy to use,  and support student understanding and learning. They demonstrate authentic scenarios across a broad range of topics which motivate the importance of control to modern society, alongside some technical learning outcomes to support university curricula.

Resources are divided into:

If you spot any obvious typos or areas where apps can be made better, please contact Anthony so he can consider for future releases.

Cite As: John Anthony Rossiter (2023). Control 101 toolbox (https://github.com/jarossiter/control101ver1/releases/tag/v0.1), GitHub. Retrieved DATE. 

WARNING: If using the source files rather than the toolbox, run these from a separate directory to where they are stored to avoid corrupting the originals and because of possible conflicts with the **_mycopy files produced for local work.