Videos on MATLAB for a first course in control

This section provides video illustrations of how to use the interactive MATLAB files associated to the first course.

The hope is that providing short video illustrations will mean users unfamiliar with MATLAB will very quickly gain confidence in how to use these files and require a minimum of coding competence.

The files provide opportunities for interactive learning including some virtual laboratories and thus should make the learning more engaging.

The control and symbolic toolbox are required.

More generic MATLAB skills beyond a first course in control are covered elsewhere in chapter 6, such as section 6.1. We should also note that SLOWER videos which teach rather than illustrate the most important MATLAB commands for control are provided in section 3.6.

Viewers might also be interested in the videos linked to the control101 toolbox which are on this youtube playlist. Apologies but youtube no longer allows authors to order the playlists sensibly.

2. Video on basic use of livescript files (section 6.9).

3. Video on basic use of MATLAB app files (section 6.8).

4. Video on use of GUI files in case studies file (note GUIs are being phased out but more examples including PI design are in this zip file ).

5. Video overview of MATLAB files demonstrating storage of basic engineering models.

6. Video overview of MATLAB files on 1st order behaviours.

7. Video overview of MATLAB files on 2nd order behaviours.

8.  Video overview of MATLAB usage with Laplace transforms (also see sections 6.2 and 6.3)

9. Video overview of files for  analysing system behaviours.   More case studies and dedicated videos in section 6.8.

10. Video overview of feedback analysis with MATLAB. More detailed resources in  sections 3.6, 6.4, 6.8, 6.9).

11. Video overview of MATLAB files for a detailed analysis of feedback with 1st order systems.

12. Video overview of files incorporating simple PI design.